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When we needed someone to find a home for a beautiful, 16-week old Australian Shepherd mix puppy found on the side of the road, we turned to Carrie and Fedwell Farm and are so happy we did. We didn’t feel comfortable with the local shelters and adoption agencies. They didn’t seem to understand a Cattle Dog’s needs for open space and a job to do, but Carrie knows this breed well. She provided shelter for the pup we named Lucky, took her to a vet, got her spayed and took care of her shots. Within two weeks Carrie had found Lucky the perfect home, with open spaces and another family dog to pal around with. We can breathe easy knowing that the pup we wanted to keep but couldn’t is making another family as happy as she made us during the time she stayed in our home. Thanks, Carrie. Jason & Lisa
We planned to add a cattle dog puppy to our ranch family pack. After searching for a few weeks, a photo and description caught my eye. The dog rescue, Fedwell Farm, was a four-hour plus drive. Carrie (from Fedwell) and I spoke at length on the phone before I decided to meet this pup. Carrie emailed me the adoption forms. We took our alpha female cattle dog knowing that if she accepted the puppy, our other dogs would follow her lead. Upon arrival, we spent time observing the pup interacting with dogs of all ages. Carrie then took the puppy into a separate, fenced, grassy area where we could all interact. The puppy came right over to greet us and our alpha girl accepted her immediately. The pup was healthy, happy, and well socialized. Carrie provided all prior shelter and vet records, and appeared very organized. We adopted the puppy. She transitioned well into our home and this rugged ranch environment. The entire pack accepted her. Cattle dogs are high-energy creatures. That works well outside. Inside, she quickly quiets down. (She has slept inside since her first night here.) Despite a rough start in life, this pup has grown into a beautiful, smart, healthy, and friendly young dog. I credit her earliest socialization and good care … for her before her adoption. They gave her a good foundation and we took it from there. I’d definitely consider another dog from Fedwell Farm in the future. It was worth the drive for this one!
We adopted Liberty yesterday (2/09/2013) from an event in Anthem, AZ where many rescue groups had brought dogs there to be placed into good homes. Liberty was a 6-year old Aussie Cattle Dog mix. We picked her out because of her calm demeanor and had no issues with her and our other dog of 7 years, a Westie. Liberty was nervous at first in our home, but learned quickly about going outside in the back for bathroom, getting into the car, and where the food and water bowls were. We took her to the vets as all her shots had expired, but we were given her full shot record history so we knew that. She needed her teeth cleaned and a good bath, but we are taking care of that this week so Liberty will back in the pink soon. So far, she is a very kind and gentle dog with no bad habits. She also did fine on our morning walk. She seems very well socialized and we are thankful for Fedwell Farm Rescue for bringing her to the event so that we could be brought together.
I contacted Carrie in Feb 2012 about adopting another ACD after my first one passed away two weeks prior. I explained that I wanted a male pup over 6 months of age. She was so gracious and arranged for me to meet a dozen or so of her boys in a separate area from the rest. There was a little whit pup that immediately jumped on my lap and settled in , we had no choice but to choose him. He had a nasty scratch over his eye from a fight with another pup. Carrie provided us with his background, shot history, next steps, papers to mail in for tags and microchip ping, a collar and leash, and even gave us a bottle of medicine for his injury. The entire process was extremely easy, and straight forward. Our boy Jackson is now almost 3 years old and we can’t imagine life without him. He was Certified in May as a Therapy Dog and visits nursing home patients every weekend. He feels it is his mission in life to rid the world of all geckos, lizards, and rabbits. (or at least try to catch one) We would not have found Jackson if not for Carrie and her dedication to rescuing pups from all over Arizona. It truly was KARMA….. Adopt, don’t shop.